9 March 2010, Galapagos

Tuesday morning and another sexy 6:30 AM wake up call followed by another fantastic buffet breakfast.  This morning we visit “North Seymour Island” to see sea lions, marine iguanas, frigate birds and blue footed-boobies.  We are able to see the frigate birds and boobies nesting and are lucky enough to see several small chicks.  The hike was fairly easy and lasted about 2 hours.  We went back to the ship for a buffet lunch.

This afternoon we visited Santa Cruz Island.  After a dry landing on “Itabaca Canal” pier we had a 45 minute bus ride to “Primicias” ecological reserve and the “Lava Tunnel”.  On the preserve we saw the Giant Galapagos land tortoises.  It was a muddy hike but rubber boots were provided.  We got back on board for a briefing about tomorrows activities and disembarking procedures followed by a fantastic dinner of Galapagos Lobster.  Another absolutely great day.

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