3 March 2010, Quito

Here it is Wednesday March 3rd.  Only 2 more days left to see Quito, Saturday morning real early we’re off for the Galapagos.  After a wonderful buffet breakfast here in the hotel we walked to the area where there are several Artisan and craft shops.  We visited about a dozen shops before going back to the Indian Market.  We spent a couple hours shopping in the “Mercado” then walked down a few blocks to the same restaurant we had lunch in yesterday, “Quito Tempo”.  That’s the 3rd time we’ve eaten at that restaurant, so you know we really like it.  I was begining to feel a little tired after lunch so we took a taxi back to the hotel.  We rested a couple hours then took a taxi to the National Floric Ballet “Jacchigua”.  It was great.  It lasted 2 hours and we enjoyed every minute.  Amazingly we ran into Barbara & Alfonso at the ballet.  That’s the 2nd time we’ve ran into them since the end of the conference, we ran into them at the cable car earlier this week.

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