23 Jan 2010 Devil’s Island, French Guyana

We’re back at Isle Royale.  No one is allowed on Devil’s Island, it’s too small, there are no docking facilities, and the waters are too dangerous.  We walked completely around the island this time.  It took about us from around 8AM to around 11AM.  That includes the time spent feeding the monkeys and touring the prison ruins.  There were 2 species of monkeys on the island, little spider monkeys and a larger species (maybe wooly or squirel monkeys).  The spider monkeys came out first and it didn’t take long for the larger species to come out and chase them away so they could get the fruit.  I was able to get a fresh coconut open so I shared the meat with the monkeys.  It was a very good tasting coconut but they still prefered Dianne’s bananas.  The spider monkeys ate peices of apple but the larger one’s didn’t seem to care for apple.  The Macaws and peacocks liked the cookies.  We got back on board in time for the buffet lunch.  Now it’s time to get ready for my massage.

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