22 July 2014 – Tuesday: Kizhi Island

The northern most point on our journey Kizhi is only a few degrees south of the Arctic Circle.  Located on Lake Onega, the second largest lake in Europe.  The Island’s settlements and churches date back to the 15th century.  Most of the buildings on the island were brought here for preservation.  It is an open air museum containing over 80 historical wooden structures.  Among the buildings are two 18th century onion domed churches constructed entirely of wood.  The Transfiguration Church has 22 domes and the Intercession Church has 9.  The remainder of the day we are sailing towards our next port of call.  This afternoon we enjoyed a presentation on the Romanovs.  This evening was the coctail party for the Viking Explorer Society (repeat Viking cruisers).



All the Best,

Wayne & Dianne


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