20 July 2014 – Sunday: St. Petersburg

This morning was free time or optional tours.  We opted for the free time.  We took a short walk with some new found friends to a small convenience market not too far from the River Boat Port.  It was interesting to see how grocery items were displayed and sold.  After lunch we went with a small group to visit a Kommunalka.  About 7% of the population still live in these Solviet era communal apartments.  Each family has one room in which they live.  The kitchen, bath and toilet are common ereas shared by all.  The Kummunalka we visit had only four families living in it, some have as many as seven.  This evening is the Captain’s welcome coctail party before dinner.  Our ship casts off during the coctail party to cruise overnight to our next port.  Here it is 10:15pm and it’s still daylight.  As we enter lake Ladoga we pass the small island occupied by Schlusselburg Fort.  Thus ends another day.




All the Best,

Wayne & Dianne


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