Discover How You Can Have Your Family And Friends Begging You To Cook For the Next Dinner - and Have them Talking About Your Meals For Weeks!

Now You Can Enjoy Cooking With These Incredible Recipes Designed to Have Your Friends And Family Returning For More, Bragging About Your Decadent Meals!

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Amber Jalink

Dear Friend:

Close your eyes for a moment.... block out everything else from your mind, and think about the most recent meal you had that was so delicious your mouth is watering just thinking about how amazing it was.

Was it tender beef? Or a unique chicken or seafood dish? Barbecued ribs?

Perhaps it was vegetarian, sauteed vegetables?

Or a sinfully rich dessert...

Now open your eyes and let me ask you a question...

Have you ever had friends come up to you just to tell you they heard "all about your fabulous meal", and how you MUST make it for them too?

Well that in fact happened to me - and it repeatedly happens many times over.

Are you...

  • a new wife or mom, looking to expand your cooking knowledge with new recipes?
  • someone who loves to cook and just wants to try new recipes not always available elsewhere?
  • learning how to cook?
  • looking to make your meals more interesting?

Well look no further, because I have what you want...

Please read every word of this important letter - I promise I'll be brief, but I want to share with you some experiences I've had with these recipes, and why you will want to grab them immediately.

To make a long story short, I've always loved cooking, trying new things - my mother is of Italian heritage (her grandparents came over from Italy), and my father was of English heritage (his parents came from England, and married shortly after - but that's another story ;).

Anyway, being of two very different backgrounds, my mother got creative. She was always taught how to cook "from scratch", you know, the cakes made with real flour and baking soda - not out of a box? The homemade spaghetti sauce...

With an Italian upbringing, everything for her was pastas, lasagnas, hot sausages, zucchini, ... you get the idea.

Yet my father, being English (at least how my grandmother cooked), was used to very "normal" bland, meat and potatoes kind of dishes.

My mother incorporated both nationalities into her cooking to compromise, and over the years, passed on recipes from both sides of the family, and of course, created her own.

When I was young, as far back as I can remember, I was in the kitchen helping her with some sort of the cooking and baking. Maybe I "lucked out" - my mother was a stay at home mom for my entire life, so we always had great meals on the table for supper time.

I remember my friends thinking I was a little wierd... during the winter holidays from school, they wanted to hang out at the mall checking out the guys....

I wanted to stay home and bake.

Can you imagine the smell of a baking cake or cookies, on a cold winter day?

I loved it. I baked and I read while the food was cooking... by the time I was thirteen, I remember creating a full roast beef dinner, complete with vegetables and dessert for my family on a Sunday afternoon.

I think I shocked my mother!

To this day, I love to cook - its just a hobby of mine.

And then I got married... my husband (won't hide this by any means), jokes with his friends that he married me for my cooking! Yep, the very first day we met, he sort of challenged me asking when I was going to cook for him, when he found out from my two roommates that I did the cooking at our apartment. (They lived off soup and Kraft Dinner until I moved in a month after them!)

He still teases me.

You probably don't care about that.... but the reason I'm telling you is to show you that I didn't slap up this book just to make a buck.

Actually, this cookbook came about because of a friend of mine - one of my very best friends - called and told me she was engaged. I was pregnant at the time, and not very mobile, but I really wanted to give her a special gift.

Her family had been friends with ours for most of my life, and when she was getting married, they included me in the private family shower.

I knew buying something just wouldn't do. And while my mom loves to sew... well I'm just not cut out for that one ;)

The joke before my wedding a few years before, was that my friend's idea of cooking was opening up "something" and shoving it in the microwave for whatever time the box said.

Now that was scary! She was marrying a really nice portugese man, who was used to home cooking!

And that's when it hit me - I decided I was going to compile my absolute best recipes - all the ones I'd tried and everyone loved, and put them into a cookbook for her.

I did it up all nice... printed... I even created a special cover and had it printed in full color, and placed into a 3 ring binder... with every single page in a sheet protector.

But when I got to her shower I nearly lost it - she had all these fabulous shower gifts from her family and his, and all I could think about was this "home made gift" that I'd done. I wanted to turn around and leave right then.

But do you know what?

When she opened MY gift?


I'm dead serious. To my complete shock, she cried and
cried and hugged it!

She told me (in front of everyone) out of everything she'd received, it was the absolute best gift she could have received, because it came from my heart. (Plus she got a kick out of the humor in it, because I told her now she HAD to learn how to cook!).

That was an incredible feeling... and after the shower gifts were out of the way, everyone HAD to look at this special cookbook.

And every single one of them said I NEEDED to get this out there - sell it - do whatever it takes, because it was just so incredible.

I hesitated for years - but after being nagged by many other friends since, I decided I'd put it online, since that's a much simpler way.

I want you - and many others - to experience the joy and fun of the recipes in this cookbook. Many have been handed to me by my mother and friends - and some of my own creations as well.

One of the key things my mother taught me, was you never had to leave a recipe "as it says". We changed many things, tested them, and added things - and every single one of those TESTED recipes is included here for you - that is, while I'm willing to spill my secrets.

And of course, you won't have to pay the small fortune I had to when I was creating it for my friend. (That whole packaging bit for her ended up costing me over $50! Quite a surprise for a "home made" cookbook).

Needless to say, with the love and years put into this, its really worth far more than that.

Now you can have my "Tried and True Cookbook", containing more than a whopping 285 recipes, (plus variations and suggestions),
for only $29.95 IF You order right now.

These recipes include...

  • Beef, Chicken, Pork, Ribs...
  • Italian dishes
  • Specialty Desserts
  • Low Fat/Low Cal Desserts! (I made one of them for her shower - NO ONE KNEW!)
  • Appetizers, Beverages (Alcoholic and non)
  • Special Sauces
  • Even recipes kids will love!

And I won't leave it at that.

Because I know that of course you want to enjoy the meals, but you may also want to pass it on to your friends, I'm willing to throw in at absolutely NO cost to you - the rights to reprint it as many times as you want - you can even sell it to your friends, as long as my copyrights remain on the files.

And you won't have to pay me a cent in royalties! Ever.

You could even use it as a school fundraiser if you have kids!

I won't go all into that, because the point of this is to enjoy the meals you'll be able to start making in as little as ten minutes after you place your order.

Because it's digital, you can download it immediately after your payment has been received, and be viewing it and choosing which recipe you want to try first.

So don't wait another minute - I may pull this offer soon (especially the rights to reprint it without sending me any royalties!)

 Yes Amber! I just HAVE to have this amazing Tried & True Cookbook!

I understand that I will receive my order within minutes of submitting my payment.

I also understand that because I am responding today, I am entitled to this purchase of $29.95 and it includes FULL reprint rights as long as I maintain your copyright on the file.

I also understand because it is a digital product, that it is non-refundable, to prevent fraudulent orders.

It's Easy To Order....

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Yes Amber, I agree with the Terms & Conditions of this offer.



Amber Jalink

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